Cooking Classes


Immerse yourself in the kitchen and expand your culinary skills with Chef Alekka. No matter what age or skill level, Chef Alekka has one main goal: to demonstrate new techniques, tips and skill sets that you can use when cooking or baking.


Please take a look at the upcoming virtual workshops that are available, all of which you are able to take from the comfort of your own home. Classes are $35/screen.

How it Works



Book a class below: There are a variety of topics to choose from. Have something else in mind? Looking for a different date? Send us a message, and we will try to accommodate or coordinate a private event. 


Review your list: The Chef will send you a shopping list one week prior to your class so that you can stock your kitchen with the necessary materials. Food and equipment substitutes will be provided if necessary.


Get cooking! Join Chef Alekka for 2-3 hours of pure culinary joy as she guides you through the kitchen and shares some of her favorite tricks.