Private Events


Are you tired of being the chef, sommelier, and dishwasher every time you want to have a dinner party?

Do you want to actually enjoy your event rather than hiding away in the kitchen? This is where Chef Alekka comes in. Working with you to accommodate any dietary restrictions, Chef Alekka will create a completely custom five course menu with optional wine pairings. Whether you want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or just have something special to look forward to at the end of the week - Alekka is here for you. 

She believes that good food is essential to creating memories and
she wants to be there to help you make your night unforgettable.


Dinner Parties

Our most intimate offerings - perfect for a couple, double dates, or a small gathering of friends. Sample menus available on request. All menus created are completely custom and the property of Chef Alekka.

Date Night - $160  


The Date Night package is ideal for a couple who wants a special night in. Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or any other private occasion, there is no better choice than hiring a personal Chef to make sure your night is as perfect as can be.


Double Dates - $320 

If two is company and three’s a crowd, then four must be a party. Perfect for two couples or a small dinner party, our double date package allows you to share the experience of your private chef with your friends. This package can be customized to be as interactive as possible. Whether you want to stand in the kitchen and help make the pasta, or you want to sit back and relax while dinner is prepared, we have something for you.

Game Night (max 6 people) - $65/person


The Game Night package is perfect for both board game enthusiasts and the Sunday night football fan. With this package you will receive delicious finger food - nothing worse than having to break your winning streak to eat. Game night packages do not consist of traditional courses but are instead a series of snacks and small plates to nibble on throughout the night.

Wine Tasting Dinner (max 6 people) - $95/person


Wine Tasting at a restaurant can be intimidating and confusing. There are so many questions you might have and Alekka is here to help - right from the comfort of your own home. The Wine Tasting Dinner is for everyone from the wine-curious to the experts. Each package comes with 5 courses and pairings that highlight each individual wine. You will receive a tasting card at the end as a reminder of all of our wines as well as where to purchase them.

Sample Menu


Charcuterie - Stuffed Mushrooms/Olive tapenade/Fig spread/ Hummus/Blue cheese crostini.
Assorted Meats and cheese. Bread for dipping and spreads


Arugula, roasted chickpeas, shaved parm, snap peas with lemon vinaigrette



Smoked Tomato soup with Grilled Cheese bites 



Grilled Flank Steak with Chimichurri and shrimp (Surf and Turf)

Dessert :
Deconstructed Smores and assorted cookies


Wine Suggestions:
Red: Infinito-Spanish Blend
Rose with the Appetizers
White: Either Chardonnay (Clos du bois) or Riesling (Chateaux St. Michelle)



Private Events

Our most intimate offerings - perfect for a couple, double dates, or a small gathering of friends. Sample menus available on request. All menus created are completely custom and the property of Chef Alekka. Examples of previous dinners can be found here.

Pricing is dependent on the menu and number of guests (max of 12) - message with any further questions.

Bachelorette Parties


It’s hard to celebrate your special day using a menu that was made for someone else. For your bachelorette party, Chef Alekka will make a menu that is catered to you and your wedding experience. Whether you are looking to play it safe or be a little adventurous, our Chef has all of the tools needed to make your bachelorette party one for the books. 


Sample Themes


Cupcake Decorating

Cupcake Wars

Boozy Brunch 

Easy Appetizer/Happy Hour Apps

Team Building


With the pandemic slowly eating away at opportunities for social interactions, Chef Alekka has a solution for any team looking for a surefire way to bond outside of the office. Like all of our packages, the team building option is adjustable so whether you would like to all attend a cooking class or a cocktail hour with custom snacks, the options are endless and flexible.


Sample Themes


Burger Wars/Pizza Wars

Mystery Bag Competition

Pasta from Scratch

Charcuterie 101

Holiday Parties

Don’t let your ambition of being the host with the most memorable holiday party be destroyed by any fear of what to do about the food. Chef Alekka’s holiday party package is perfect for the host who wants to impress. Working with our chef, you can create a menu that fits any theme imaginable. Then you can sit back and enjoy the party atmosphere, rather than being stuck in the kitchen all night.


Sample Themes: 

Ugly Sweater Party

Fall and Winter Appetizers, 

Opulent New Years Extravaganza

A $50 non- refundable deposit is required to secure your requested date and time. This will be credited back to your final invoice.  An event contract will be sent with all information pertaining to your event. On the day of the event the chef will arrive 1 hour PRIOR to set up and finalize cooking. The best part? We do all the cooking and cleaning. Wine pairings are available upon request.


“I took a leap of faith and reached out to Chef Alekka to design, plan and cook for my 35th birthday party. 2020 required us to get creative with our celebrations and a small dinner party at home seemed very 2020. Chef Alekka made my birthday absolutely spectacular. She made me feel so special. From the menu planning- which is one of my favorite parts of the process to cleaning my kitchen before she left, every moment was above and beyond. Of course the food !! Everything was fabulous, everything was cooked perfectly and full of flavor.” 

—  Sara

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