How far will Chef Alekka deliver?

Currently, Chef Alekka serves the Greater Pittsburgh Area. She will deliver to you personally within a 25-mile radius of downtown Pittsburgh. Unsure if you fall within that area? Send her a note to inquire. 

Do I need to be home for my delivery?

Chef Alekka prefers that someone is home to receive the delivery so that the food can remain as fresh as possible. She will work with you on the best day of the week for your schedule. Standard days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Does Chef Alekka accommodate allergies and other dietary restrictions?

Absolutely. Chef Alekka is extremely sensitive to food restrictions and will work with you to find the best solution or meal to fit your needs.

How long will my food last in the fridge? Can it be frozen?

It is best to consume your meals within 3-4 days of delivery. However, the majority of your food can be frozen in the provided containers to extend its life when necessary.

Will reheating instructions be available?

Yes, as part of your order Chef Alekka will provide individual reheating instructions per meal. Any questions can be sent to her directly.

If I have a subscription, should I save my containers?

All containers are reusable to minimize waste. Each week when Chef Alekka comes with your meals for the week, she will also collect containers from your previous delivery. Those containers are yours and will be reused for your delivery the subsequent week.

Can I get someone a class as a gift?

Yes, absolutely! Take a look at the certificates available for classes, subscriptions and A la Carte Market bundles here.

Are you taking any precautions for COVID-19 with in-person deliveries?

Yes, absolutely. I will be masked for delivery and am also happy to arrange a contactless drop. I will send you a picture to confirm when the contact-free drop has been completed.

Do you still have questions?

Not a problem. Send Chef Alekka a message directly and she will be happy to respond.