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Cooking Classes


Immerse yourself in the kitchen and expand your culinary skills with Chef Alekka. No matter what age or skill level, Chef Alekka has one main goal: to demonstrate new techniques, tips and skill sets that you can use when cooking or baking.

All classes are done in your home. Chef Alekka does NOT have an off-site location. 

Classes are priced on a per person basis. If there is only one person that is considered a Private Instruction.

How To Book

Tell us:

 What class are you interested in?

Your ideal date?

How many people?

Want a customized class? Let us know and we will work with you!

Is this for a special celebration? We can help your add more personal touches our our event upgrades!

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Cooking Class Packages

The prices on the classes reflect the food cost per person. Chefs rate to teach the class is $50 per hour. 


Class minimum is three people, any number under that is considered a PRIVATE CLASS

Knife Skills
$55 per person 

Seasonal Appetizers
$75 per person 

Candy Making
$75 per person 

Kids Pizza Party
$45 per person 

Pasta From Scratch
$75 per person 

Cake Decorating
$75 per person 

Cupcake Decorating
$45 per person 

Bagels and Pretzels
$75 per person 

Custom Three Course Menu
$85 per person 

Private Lesson
$300 for 3 hours

Chef Alekka's Availability

Below is a calendar of Chef Alekka's current availability. Days that have no entries added are available for booking. 


Please note that Chef Alekka is limited to one event per day.


“I was able to take Chef Alekka’s virtual Candy Bar class with a few friends – she was an amazing teacher! Whether we were walking through a simple or complex technique, everything was easy to understand and I feel like I got a ton of pro chef tips. Definitely taking another class soon!” 

—  Sarah, @ThePittsburghWeb

Interested in a cooking class? 

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